Dr. Ngwanyam Adds to National Integration Building Blocks by Giving Daughter’s Hand in Marriage




Dr. Ngwanyam Adds to National Integration Building Blocks by Giving Daughter’s Hand in Marriage


Dr. Nick Ngwanyam hands daughter’s hand in marriage

Gwain Colbert, Staff Writer, The Colbert Factor


 Rated as the hottest traditional wedding of the year, going by the outpouring of the multitude as well as the presence of top administrative, political and traditional dignities of the region at the  event, Beri Cynthia of Donga Mantung was given into marriage to Jacques Olivier of Sawa extraction, and in the process transforming into concrete reality Cameroon’s national integration policy.

Mme Florence Ngwanyam Watches as daughter grows to maturity

The eyes of the traditional world turned to the Up-Station G.R.A Bamenda- imposing residence of the Ngwanyams last Saturday April 2, 2016 when one of their children, Beri Cynthia was being given into traditional matrimony to Jacques Olivier from the Littoral Region of Cameroon.

Dr. Ngwanyam’s Father blessing grand daughter

The event that saw the display of the fine details of both the Mbum and Sawa cultures was venue par excellence to celebrate the fruits of good parenting as Beri Cynthia in her own modest way, brought honour to her parents.

Beri Cynthia and Jacques Olivier joined together in traditional matrimony

In a society where come we stay has become the rule other than the exception and where most civilized families shun tradition, the event was a unique opportunity for an umpteen Bamenda city dweller to relive the trappings of a pure traditional wedding.

Mbum dance thrill occasion

Interspersed with acrobatic displays from the famous Mbaya and njuh dances of Mbum land, as well as modern musical interludes from young uprising musical stars from Bamenda, the event which was a roll-call of who’s who in the politico-administrative set-up in the North West Region, the event was rolled out in acts and scenes.

What God has put together

Act I, Scene I: Jacques OlivIer’s family asks for Beri’s hand in marriage. Led by the family head, the Sawas told Dr. Ngwangyam they have come because they have seen an irresistible companion in his house. They pray him not to turn down their offer.

Children will be the fruits of this union

Scene II: The Ngwanyams seek to know why of all the girls in Bamenda they came but for their daughter. The lead negotiator for the Oliviers’ convinces him that of all the girls in Bamenda, Beri was their best choice. Dr. Ngwanyam consents.

And Bangfon Dr. Ngwanyam would have more reason to dance out his lungs

Act II, Scene II: Lead negotiators in the Ngwanyam’s family begin the haggling process. They tell the Sawas Beri is too soft and cannot move through the bad roads from Nkambe to Bamenda to the event. It will require an airplane to bring her to the ceremony. The Sawas regret impassable roads can have an adverse effect in their lives in Douala and opts to assist in transporting her to Bamenda. Minutes after lead negotiators return to report the bad roads led to a tire puncture. Envelops change hands and negotiators accept to bring the bride.

Growing excitement as guests look on

Scene III: Bride Identification begins. Over five masked girls of same sizes are presented to the Sawas to choose. Each wrong choice attracts fines. When Jacques’ mother finally lands an on Beri, lead negotiators complain poor nature of roads from Nkambe to Bamenda warrant they undergo medical check. Another compensatory envelope is given.

Dr. Ngwanyam and Dr. Ndi compare notes

Act III Scene I: Traditional Marriage rites begin. Dr. Ngwanyam pours out palm wine in the family cup, gives daughter to go first receive grand-fatherly and uncle’s blessings, and then gives his would-be husband to drink before the two come for final blessings from him. It is done and by tradition the two become one.

Arrival in grand-style of the Sawa family

Scene II: Sent- forth feeding of couple. Dr. Ngwanyam’s wife’s relations feed Beri and Jacques for the last time and send them forth with the remaining food to go start their new home with. This last scene leads to general entertainment offered by Mrs. Florence Ngwanyam.

Jacques Olivier dances out his new status

The event which was attended amongst others by the Secretary General to the North West Governor’s office, Absalom Monono, the Inspector-General of  Services at the Governors office,  Ivo Makoge, politburo member, Regina Mundi, Secretaries of state, Ngafesson Emmanuel and Otte Joseph, batonairs Sama Francis and Amazee, senior Journalists Philip Bawe and Gwain Colbert, amongst others.

Marie Oben, MC, helping put the national integration building blocks between Sawa and Mbum

The occasion gave the young upscale Bamenda musician an opportunity to thrill the crowd with his hit song “under rain ah dey, under sun ah dey… ma mama no like am ah dey, ma papa no like am ah dey”.  And so goes the hall marks of national integration in Cameroon. Striving under rain and sun… with Beri Cynthia and Jacques Olivier as indispensable building blocks.

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