10 Good Reasons Why Face Masks Should be Worn

Aug 29, 2019
10 Good Reasons Why Face Masks Should be Worn

1) It makes you look smart, clean, and shows just how you care and have consideration for others

2) It constantly reminds you that your health depends on the health of the person next to you

3) By wearing a face mask, you are not only helping in preventing the spread of the killer coronavirus but you are also doing your one-in-21-million-person part

4) Putting on a face mask is like putting on a Social firewall as it gives you some sort of relative anonymity by concealing your identity and improving your privacy concerns

5) It protects you from being infected by others, as well as protecting others from being infected by you

6) It reduces chances of spreading airborne diseases to others and also prevents the breading in of airborne dust particles created by air pollution

7) It creates a physical barrier between you and potential contaminants in the immediate environment

8) It reduces exposure of your saliva and respiratory secretions to others, as well as block large particle droplets, splahes, sprays, or splatters that may contain viruses and bacteria

9) It bridges the gap between the poor and the rich and connects you across continents and with world leaders

10) Wearing a face mask is more importantly, a fashion Statement even as it is a constant reminder not to be touching your mouth or nose, which could otherwise transfer viruses and bacteria after you may have touched a contaminated surface

Just wearing a face mask is not enough. Respect hand hygiene and other measures outlined by government of Cameroon and WHO

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