What If The North West CPDM Militants’ Early Presidential Elections Plea Was For Biya To Support An #Anglophone4Presidency2025

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What If The North West CPDM Militants’ Early Presidential Elections Plea Was For Biya To Support An #Anglophone4Presidency2025

Colbert Gwain

In what has become popular within CPDM circles as the “Motion of Support” (or The People’s Call); a populist presentational style where the shareholders of the incumbents at various decision-making strata in Cameroon as well as proponents of the existing, malfunctioning system, call on their “champion”, President Paul Biya (who has been in power for over 41 years) to seek reelection; CPDM Sections across the national territory joined the chorus last Sunday, March 24, 2024, to plead with President Paul Biya to consider putting up his candidature for the upcoming Presidential elections scheduled for October 2025.

Apparently, in their anxiety and desire to see things change fast and for the better, NorthWest CPDM bigwigs were quick to call on President Paul Biya to not only stand for reelection but more importantly, to precipitate it. Although they didn’t advance any reasons why the upcoming election should be anticipated, one can boldly state without any fear of contradiction that since they are also worried over the thorny issue of succession, this would have inferred that President Paul Biya makes hey while the sun shines by quickly introducing amendments to the Constitution that reintroduces the post of a constitute Vice President with the to succeed and, that Vice President should necessarily be an Anglophone from either the South West or the North West Region. This would put an end to the current divisive debate about transition and coalitions in Cameroon.

The Constitutional Amendment could also do well to reintroduce the two-star flag as well as the change of the name of the country back to the United Republic of Cameroon, URC. What with these changes, plus the fact that an Anglophone becoming the next President of Cameroon is the surest and only means of ensuring Cameroon remains one and indivisible given that something is indivisible only because it hasn’t been divided not that it cannot be divided, as some today claim in Cameroon.

By making the empty populist call for incumbent President Paul Biya to seek an umpteen mandate in his 90+ old age, the out-group CPDM militants could have been more in-group (people and solution-oriented), a more complete populist call would have been ignited by those party militants who turned out in various administrative headquarters across the country, to urge the CPDM leadership in Yaounde to select and present an Anglophone as their unique candidate for the upcoming Presidential elections to begin a new generation of fresh and informed leadership, after 50-years of francophone leadership.

Here with a more appropriate People’s Call:

-Considering the decisive role Anglophones have played since independence for the unity and stability of Cameroon;

-Cognizant of the fact that Cameroon’s reunification was largely articulated by Southern Cameroons leaders backed by its teaming youth both at home and in the Diaspora;

-Given the fact that since Southern Cameroon’s independence by joining La Republique and after the plebiscite, no Anglophone has been President of Cameroon;

-Given that two francophone Presidents have successively ruled Cameroon since independence and subsequent reunification;

-Given the fact that Cameroon is made up of two distinct linguistic and cultural entities, that is, Anglo-Saxon and French entities that makes Cameroon unique;

-Considering that despite giving their all for the edification of a united Cameroon, Anglophones have rather suffered untold structural injustices thereby making them have the general perception that they are treated as second-class citizens or marginalized people when the constitution states that Anglophones and Francophones came together as equals;

-Given that Anglophone Cameroonians made enormous sacrifices in the advent of the reintroduction of multi-parties and democracy in Cameroon in the ’90s;

-Considering the mounting insecurity brought about by the separatist movement seeking the complete independence of the two English-speaking regions from mainstream Cameroon because of prolonged structural injustices meted on them by successive francophone administrations; well-meaning Anglophone Cameroonians make this People’s Call the surest and safest way to keep Cameroon stable and united.

We call on Cameroonians across the board who are interested in seeing a strong and united Cameroon ready to emerge in 2035, to join hands in making sure an Anglophone takes up Cameroon’s Presidency in 2025.
That the Anglophone candidate be s/he from the ruling CPDM or opposition coalition MUST have been born after independence and is at the same time perfectly bilingual and ready to safeguard the two systems of education.
2025 should mark the beginning of a ROTATORY Presidency between Anglophones and Francophones for an exemplary and inclusive Cameroon where everybody is part of the building blocks.
Anglophone Cameroonians have been ‘heirs in waiting’ for the past 55 years of independence. This has to change, going forward.

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